High Performance Ray Tracing

Intel® Embree is a high-performance ray tracing library developed at Intel which supports x86 CPUs under Linux, macOS, and Windows; ARM CPUs on macOS; as well as Intel® Arc™ GPUs under Linux and Windows. Embree targets graphics application developers to improve the performance of photo-realistic rendering applications and is optimized towards production rendering. Embree is released as open source under the Apache 2.0 License.

Current Release: v4.3.2

  • Embree now uses level zero raytracing extension to build BVH which enables forward-compatibility. On Linux, the package intel-level-zero-gpu-raytracing has to be installed in addition to the other packages listed here https://dgpu-docs.intel.com/.
  • MacOS universal binary compilation now works.
  • Some bugfixes for AVX512 on MacOS x86 machines.
  • Known issue: It is recommended to run Embree on IntelĀ® Data Center GPU Max Series (e.g. IntelĀ® Data Center GPU Max 1550) with the following environment settings: NEOReadDebugKeys=1 UseKmdMigration=0.
  • Known issue: ISPC version of tutorials will not successfully build with MacOS universal binary compilation.

Embree Team receives Scientific & Technical Achievement Award!

The award recognizes Intel® Embree for its geometric rendering in contributing innovation in significant and lasting ways to the moviemaking process.

Award recipients are Sven Woop, Carsten Benthin, Attila Afra, Manfred Ernst and Ingo Wald.

Sr. Director of Intel® Advanced Rendering & Visualization Jim (James L.) Jeffers

See the Scientific & Technical Achievement Awards 2021 page

Intel® Embree is used by