High Performance Ray Tracing

Intel® Embree is a high-performance ray tracing library developed at Intel which supports x86 CPUs under Linux, macOS, and Windows; ARM CPUs on macOS; as well as Intel® Arc™ GPUs under Linux and Windows. Embree targets graphics application developers to improve the performance of photo-realistic rendering applications and is optimized towards production rendering. Embree is released as open source under the Apache 2.0 License .

Current Release: v4.3.3

  • Added RTCError RTC_ERROR_LEVEL_ZERO_RAYTRACING_SUPPORT_MISSING which can indicate a GPU driver that is too old or not installed properly.
  • Added the API function rtcGetDeviceLastErrorMessage to query additional information about the last RTCError returned by rtcGetDeviceError. This can be used in case device creation failed and a rtcErrorFunction could not be set up for this purpose.
  • Added the API function rtcGetErrorString which returns a string representation of a given RTCError error code. This is purely meant for convenient error information reporting on the user application side.
  • Performance improvements on GPU for the one level instancing case (RTC_MAX_INSTANCE_LEVEL_COUNT 1).
  • Reduced the number of unneccessary GPU-CPU USM back-migrations which can increase build performance for scene with many instances on GPU.
  • Started adding public CI tests for streamlining integration of external pull requests.
  • Work-around for problem with unsigned Windows binaries.

Embree Team receives Scientific & Technical Achievement Award!

The award recognizes Intel® Embree for its geometric rendering in contributing innovation in significant and lasting ways to the moviemaking process.

Award recipients are Sven Woop, Carsten Benthin, Attila Afra, Manfred Ernst and Ingo Wald.

Sr. Director of Intel® Advanced Rendering & Visualization Jim (James L.) Jeffers

See the Scientific & Technical Achievement Awards 2021 page

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